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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

SOLUTIONS in how to fix problems in Android 5.0 Lollipop problems

SOLUTIONS in how to fix problems in Android 5.0 Lollipop problems 

The Android 5.0 Lollipop update hasn't been entirely smooth sailing. While for some (myself included), it has been a buttery, svelte, velvetish fairy tale of lovely animations, smooth scrolling andMaterial Design Google apps, there are a few gremlins lurking beneath the bright colors. So if you want to know how to fix Android 5.0 problems, here's the solutions to the bugs we've heard about so far. We'll add more as more issues come up, so stay tuned as we share more Android 5.0 solutions.

Android L lollipop interface purple 02
Android 5.0 problems and solutions: Lollipop brings some sweetness along with a bitter after taste. © ANDROIDPIT

Apps restart in background

One of the newest problems discovered in Android 5.0 is a bug which which makes apps restart in the background. Though recent apps should remain running in the background for when you return to them later, even those apps with persistent notifications are being affected.
This eventually hurts device performance the longer it is up and running. So far, the only known way to fix this issue is, somewhat ironically, restarting your device. Google will likely patch this up soon, however.  

Android L lollipop interface menu
Background apps are currently causing memory issues in Android 5.0. / © ANDROIDPIT

Missing system.img error

The Lollipop issues can begin even before it is on your device. Some Nexus 5 owners flashing the factory image are experiencing problems even with the installation of Android 5.0 itself. During the procedure, they are informed of a missing system.img error.
It's actually not such a big deal, so if this happens to you, simply flash the img files manually one by one instead of by using the flash-all.bat file. If you want a walkthrough, here's how to install Android 5.0 on the Nexus 5.

no wifi
Wi-Fi issues seem to be a staple of Android updates. © ANDROIDPIT

Android 5.0 Wi-Fi connectivity

Nexus 5 owners running Android 5.0 are suffering from the Wi-Fi connectivity issue once again: the good old undead update bug that just keeps on coming back.
There's the usual range of solutions: toggle airplane mode on and off, forget and reconnect to the network, reboot your phone, restart your router or switch between the Wi-Fi frequency bands. As you can probably tell, this is the ''clutching at straws'' list of solutions, so you may be waiting for a patch from Google for the permanent solution.

20141117 IMGL9398
Despite Battery Saver on Lollipop, battery drain issues persist. © ANDROIDPIT

Android 5.0 battery bug

As always, every new installation of Android firmware results in some battery drain for some users. This is almost always because the update was applied over the top of existing firmware rather than installed ''clean.'' As you can imagine, there's a few things that could go wrong when everything is set up one way on your phone and then the world shifts beneath its feet.
So now may be the time to bite the bullet, do a full backup and do a factory reset. You can do this via the Settings > Backup & Reset section or manually with the hardware buttons. Just search the site for your particular device and ''factory reset.''

YouTube Music key nexus 5 sharp
YouTube and other video playback apps are broken following the Android 5.0 update. © Google, ANDROIDPIT

Android 5.0 video playback bug

Nexus 7 (2013) owners are reporting some bugs with video playback following the update to Lollipop. The issue doesn't seem to be restricted to any particular app, but YouTube is, of course, at the center of the furore. Any app using the default Android video player suffers though.
If YouTube is the issue for you, hit Settings > Apps and find the entry for YouTube. Clear the cache and try again or do a reboot for a temporary fix. You can always try uninstalling and re-installing the app if problems persist. Some users are reporting that this has solved the problem, while others continue to suffer.
If you have a better fix let us know in the comments below. Worst case scenario: backup all your data and do a factory reset and clear the cache partition.

AndroidPIT Nexus 9 recents quick settings
The quick fix update for the Nexus 9 brought its own issues. © ANDROIDPIT

Android 5.0 OTA update error message

Nexus 9 owners that got the update patch immediately following the public rollout of the Android 5.0 update have been experiencing some issues with installing the OTA update. Basically, everything hangs up and then reverts back to the previous version without installing the update.
If you know what you're doing, it's a simple procedure to flash the latest factory image for the Nexus 9 yourself, otherwise you're going to just have to wait until Google issues another bug fix to fix the bug fix. Sound familiar?

Nexus 5 camera sensor
Fancy that...a camera-related bug after an update on the Nexus 5. © ANDROIDPIT

Android 5.0 flashlight bug

If you leave the flashlight on for a while, like if you're struggling to find your keys in the dark and it automatically times out, then both the flashlight and camera will be busted until you do a reboot. Pretty weird stuff but something that occurred in the developer previews too. Funny Google didn't bother to iron this one out as it's a pretty well known issue on the Nexus 5 already.

silent mode
With silent mode gone from Android 5.0 Lollipop, your phone may start to disturb you! © Motorola

No silent mode, status bar ticker or Power button menu

Sadly, these are ''improvements'' rather than problems. You can't simply volume down to silent mode (only to vibrate), there's no options other than Power Off when you long press the Power button, and the status bar ticker – that little scrolling preview of notifications – has been killed with fire in the latest version of Android.
We expect the masses to rise up shortly and some changes to be made, or at least some workarounds figured out if you're willing to tweak your phone a little. In any case, we've detailed how to enable silent mode on Android 5.0.

root nexus 5 teaser
If you've rooted or otherwise modified your phone, OTA updates may not work. © AndroidPIT

Android 5.0 OTA broken on modified devices

This probably shouldn't come as too much of a surprise, but Google doesn't necessarily want your rooting or otherwise modifying your device or firmware. So if you've modded your Android a bit you may not be able to install the OTA update.
Fortunately the reasons for this and the solution are pretty straightforward: simply flash a stock image again and OTA will be hunky dory once again. Check our article on broken OTA updates for Android 5.0 Lollipop for more info.

androidpit recent apps bug
After closing out of apps on Android Lollipop, the Package installer app will appear. / © ANDROIDPIT

Android 5.0 Recent apps switcher

The recent apps card stack is a nifty new addition to multitasking in Lollipop. But not everyone is a fan. Some users are claiming the more apps they have stacked the slower their performance becomes, while others are noticing that even when a card has been removed from the stack it mysteriously returns. Even after a reboot your recent apps list will persist, so the only way to fix this one is to simply keep on swiping. Forever.

androidpit lollipop chrome tabs comparison
On the left we see various Chrome tabs mixed between other apps. Why couldn't we just have tabs like in the old version? (Right) / © ANDROIDPIT

Chrome tabs

Chrome Browser on Lollipop is set by default to store new tabs in the recent apps list, but for many this represents one of the biggest Lollipop fails of all. Fortunately, all you need to do is head to your Chrome settings and disable ''merge tabs and apps'' to return to the more familiar ''number in a box in the URL bar'' that brings up your tab list as it always has.
What other Android 5.0 problems have you found? Got any solutions we missed?

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