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Thursday, March 26, 2015

step by step procedure in doing FORMAT / HARD RESET OF cherry mobile FLARE

How to Format Cherry Mobile Flare Hard Reset

Cherry Mobile Flare format
One of the most affordable android smart phone on the market. Cherry Mobile Flare was released last year and I was amazed how “Pinoy” patronize the dual core Smartphone. Well aside from its specification and Dual Core function the phone is very affordable and runs on Android. I haven’t encountered major issues on Cherry Mobile Flare it’s just I’m curious on how to reformat the Flare. Good thing I have a friend who is working

with Cherry Mobile as a service technician and to him the steps you need to format the phone or hard Just Hold up the volume and power button at the same time then the screen goes into the color green, keep on holding the button until it turn into a red screen then release the hold. The hard reset option will show. I’m not pretty sure if the Hard reset button for Cherry Mobile Flare works since I don’t have any issue with my phone and beside it is running perfectly fine.
The CM Flare also releases a software update from the Cherry Mobile website. If you want to update the Cherry Mobile Flare software update you need to do this step. Download and save the file to the root folder. Turn the phone off and make sure that the battery is above 15%. Just like hard reset Press and hold power volume up to display a green screen then release the button once it turn onto red. It will show up Android system recovery. Select the update from the external card. Use volume keys to select and power key to confirm. Once update is done reboot the phone.

I will show u the step again on formatting the flare or hard reset.
Cherry Mobile Flare on and off
1. Make sure the phone is off
2. Hold up the volume and power button at the same time (Green Screen will show up)
hard reset green screen cm fllare
3. If the screen goes to red release it
hard reset red screen cm fllare
4. Recovery mode or screen will show up use the up and down button to select the RECOVERY OPTION.

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