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Friday, July 10, 2015

common issues (and solutions!) that people have experienced

 Here are some threads that discuss common issues (and solutions!) that people have experienced and discussed in this forum:

Photo rotation:
G4 Pictures rotating after sharing/sending them?
(What's inside: it's been diagnosed, and there's no quick fix so far.)

Editing photos "save" error:
Editing in stock gallery.
(What's inside: it's been diagnosed as a Lollipop permissions issue, and can be solved by using another app for editing.)

Touchscreen sensitivity:
article about touchscreen issues
i might've found a fix for touch screen issues possibly ?
[APP] [FIX] SGS Screen Booster - Fix those non resposive / delayed screen taps and swipes NOW
AT&T Version and Persistent Touch Screen Issues
(What's inside: it's a software issue, and there's an app that can really help; the second thread makes use of a semi-hidden setting.)

Just purchased Lux to help with screen brightness
(What's inside: there's an app that can help out, and you can improve your battery performance.)

Changing volume key shortcuts:
Change Volume up quick launch
(What's inside: there's a really easy-to-use, free app.)

Optimizing battery performance:
Optimizing G4 battery thread
(What's inside: lots of good suggestions.)

"Access Lock" settings:
App Ops ( Access Lock ) works on G4
(What's inside: take control of your app permissions, such as access to location, without the need for root! Can be useful to improve battery and phone performance.)

Music equalizer:
Missing Equalizer
(What's inside: a handy app that will add an equalizer to all your music apps.)

Google Play services & battery performance:
Google Play Services issue after the 10h update?
Play services battery drain fix
Google Play Services eating battery (from the Nexus 6 forum.)
(What's inside: some diagnoses -- could it actually be the Fit app causing the problem? - and a couple of fixes involving disabling, cache clearing, etc.)

Connecting to a Mac via USB:
Can anyone connect an LG G4 to an early 2008 MacBookPro via USB?
Mac will not recognize G4 - even after driver installation. How can I get this working?
(What's inside: it seems to be a Lollipop issue, and is solved by using "Android File Transfer" or AirDroid.)

Keyboard lag:
looking for a keyboard replacement, the stock one is showing some real lag
Alternate Keyboard Suggestions
stock keyboard issue
Recommended auto correct level for stock keyboard
(What's inside: good reviews of other keyboard apps, adjustments that can be made to the stock keyboard, as well as how the SGS app can help.)

Launcher stuttering:
Tip about launcher performance
(What's inside: a thorough analysis of why launchers skip frames, how to do your own analysis, and how to work around the issue if you're experiencing frame stutter in your launcher.)

Wifi issues?
(What's inside: it seems like 5GHz routers can cause some problems, and there's some suggestions about how to fix the issue by configuring your router.)

Slow charging apparently related to temperature. Warm = slow
screen/phone heating up with moderate use
LG G4 getting hot after update on Verizon
Results of G4 temperature experiments
G4 overheated during navigation and caused the screen to go super dim
(What's inside: you're not alone... this phone likely runs hotter than the phone you're coming from. No real solutions that I've seen, but some good ways to analyze if your phone is hotter than "normal".)

If there are any threads that you think should be added to this list or something that should be removed, please add your thoughts. If you're wanting to add to or discuss one of those issues, perhaps contributing to the linked threads would be helpful to everyone 

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