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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

tips in daily use of my tablet

My daily use habits are: Morning

1. Unplug my Tablet from power adapter

2. Turn it on from Hibernation, wait for about 10-15 seconds for it to redo Micro-SD card, Turn on Wireless wait for DHCP to allocate my unit with an IP address.

3. Check my GMail. I access my Gmail only from my Tablet. Google the news

4. Hibernate. 10-20 Minutes total for Steps 1-3 Lunchtime (At Work Either Work Guest WLAN (Don't Tell ;-) or eatery with Wireless ) Redo Steps 1-3 with the additional step of accepting the user agreement for the WLANs

4. Read an E-Book or watch You-Tube or Video I have Ripped (Turn off WLAN if watching local video or reading)

 5. Hibernate, 35-50 minutes total. Down to about 65% if I watch video or use WLAN Evening (Home again) Redo Steps 1-3 above 4. Reply to emails or forward to other account

5. Read some more, Hibernate, Plug-In to power and go to bed

6. Total time about 30-45 minutes Down to about 20% Total Maximum use in a day thus far about 3:40 before Plug in warning comes on of constant use. That was using my most agressive power saving efforts. If I am careless, I get the warning at about 2:30-3 hours of use. My personal opinion is I could get better/longer life if I had had the ability to get a larger capacity battery. The specs say 2100, but am unsure until I open it. I personally think I have only an 1800-1900 battery. In regards to Item #5: I play,I hack I try to get inside my device to understand. I am currently trying to master and use my Linux knowledge with ADB. The reason I mention what an apk file is only a zip file is the same reason, making people aware CBZ and CBR are nothing but JPG images stored in a renamed zip or RAR file. CBZ=Comic Book ZIP, CBR=Comic Book RAR. The usefulness of knowing what is in the apk is that if you have the ability to read and inspect XML, and the contents inside, you can discover things you did not know like switches or extended features. Creation of a another pane is easier for me to do than describe, One way involves filling your screen with too many icons and then it will automatically create another pane, BUT a word of warning, Getting rid of the extra pane is harder than creating one. I have a spare pane that I am still trying to figure out how to remove. I will describe both creation and removal once I figure out how.

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