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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Useful for your tablet

This is just to help you get the most out of your Android Tablet.
If you are like me, you have one of the low cost versions. They are all generally alike. Some have older versions of Android. Mine is one of the basic 1.6 with 1.7.4 Firmware. I ran a system info inspector and such. Every response comes back with Generic. It is a duplicate of some version our there, but it meets my needs. Many of these things may be obvious. Other items less so.
1. Turn off what you do not need. This does cripple some function. But does wonders to battery life Screen Brightness, Wireless, 3G and Sound all use CPU cycles and will draw on the battery if you have it enabled.
2. Keep a Task killer. This is essential to me. There is some disagreement about this(See Link). I disagree with this Narrative. I use Linux and while some of his points relevant do not seem to hold true for me thus far with my Tablet. My experience has been; the more apps running, the more memory used and will impact CPU utilization which will slow your machine and eat into your Battery life. This is the Task killer I use. Simple and to the point. I run it once a day. Just because you close the app, does not mean you have stopped it running. Please Note I am not saying remove all tasks. Just the Applications you are not using such as the MP3 player or the RDP remote control app.
3. Hibernate over power off to extend battery life. The time it takes to reboot is battery life that you could have used listening to MP3s, watching Video, Browsing the Internet, etc. It also is really boring after a while looking at the little Green Droid.
4. Adjust the screen brightness to be just bright enough. This will extend your battery life. Notice a pattern. I do everything I can to get the most out of my battery while maintaining performance. The default is full bright. My Tablet can be adjusted to dim multiple levels. I adjust according to my lighting
5. .apk files are just zip files. (Geek interest only) This is helpful to inspect the contents.
6. Pull Down from the Top. Hold down on the top task bar, a pull down tab will appear. Just drag it to the bottom. This will show you notifications and open running apps.
7. Icon Delete is just a hold down. Have an Icon on the pane you do not use. Hold down on the icon. Then drag it over to the wastebasket that has appeared. If you hold down on a file in the File browswer, You can cut, paste, rename, etc. To paste a cut or copied item,just hold down in an empty area on the pane and the selection screen will appear.
8. Multi-panes are useful to reduce clutter. The tablets touch screens are somewhat rough in the precision. For scrolling, I find creating multiple panes and leave the bottom third for flipping from one pane to another. I then sort the apps according to the pane.
9. Calibrate using a Stylus: The more precise you can calibrate the easier it is to use the touch and scroll. I have found calibrating using a stylus helps in getting a more precise touch calibration
10.Do not let your battery completely drain. Lithium Batteries do not have memory like old batteries, but full drain and recharge shortens the battery life. These units are not really designed for battery replacement. You can get the battery if you know where to order. But You better have the Electronics repair skills to change it. It is not hard if you know how to solder and know how to bend plastic without break or cracking.
I hope even one of these tips are helpful

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